Config files and setup scripts that make my life easier.
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Anna Wiggins 71b151adde Cleanup some now-unused bash code. 5 months ago
bash Cleanup some now-unused bash code. 5 months ago
emacs Clean up emacs config for a MELPA world. 10 months ago
git Move a bunch of configs around to make docker happy. 2 years ago
gnupg Add vaguely functional gpg-agent config. 2 years ago
lxpanel/default Some initial configs from Linux desktop. 5 years ago
sawfish Add quassel to keybound programs. 5 years ago
stderred Clean up and add installation for liberred. 3 years ago Add gitconfig 2 years ago Cleanup on the basic fedora setup script. 10 months ago
screenrc Add screenrc file. 5 years ago


Various config files and small scripts I use.

TODO: Set up some sort of orchestration so this can be quickly installed on new systems and such.