API for retrieving (and storing) data from Elite: Dangerous websites and APIs.
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This is a simple python library that can:

  • Retrieve and store select data on http://inara.cz.
  • Retrieve data from the Elite: Dangerous Companion API.


The inara module subclasses requests_cache.core.CachedSession to provide a specialized HTTP session to talk to inara. Usage is simple:

from inara.inara import InaraSession

session = InaraSession(inara_username, inara_password)
info = session.get_cmdr_info()

If the logged-in user is a member of a Wing, you can get information about wing-mates like so:

info = session.get_cmdr_info(wing_id, cmdr_id)

where the 'id's are the numeric identifiers visible in inara's URLs.


This module just provides a cleaner interface on top of the companion module from the Elite Dangerous Market Connector.