A twitter client for Linux
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Hrafn is a python twitter application. It started because no existing client supported the Lists API, but has grown to be a general-purpose Twitter client.


You'll need the following python modules:

  • pyGTK
  • dateutil
  • python-oauth
  • python-twitter (the dev branch), along with my patches (included here)

For the twitter module, you can download and install it with:

hg clone https://python-twitter.googlecode.com/hg/ python-twitter
cd python-twitter
hg update dev
for i in ../hrafn/patches/python-twitter-*.patch; do patch p1 < $i; done
python setup.py build
python setup.py install --user

This will install python-twitter in your ~/.local/lib directory, which python 2.6 will automatically include in PYTHONPATH.


Just run ./hrafn.py, and start playing around. Right now, it is best to run this file in-place; it expects all the .py files and default.glade to be in the same directory.

To register an account with hrafn, simply click File -> Add Account. An authorization screen will launch in your web browser. When you finish there, you should have a PIN. Copy this into the popup that hrafn created, and click 'ok'.

To search for a user, prepend the search with 'user: '.

After the first run, the program will write a file called ~/.hrafn.conf, with default configuration. Feel free to edit this file if needed.

If things get really mucked up, deleting ~/.hrafn.db will reset the application to a pristine state. You will have to re-authenticate, though.


The system tray icon is Public Domain from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Capi_x_Raven.svg The question mark icon is Public Domain from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Question_mark.svg